Life Happens

We're getting married
I just got a new job

We get it…life happens. As changes occur in your life, RoboPlanner® continues to update your plan, making sure that you can still accomplish everything with the resources you have.  No need to worry!  Life Solved.

What are You Trying to Accomplish?


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“What goals do you want to achieve?”


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"If you don't take action... it's just a plan!"

RoboPlanner® powered by iQuantifi

Key Benefits


RoboPlanner® looks at how your goals can be worked on simultaneously. Reach ALL of your goals: travel, wedding, college, house, retirement, and so much more. Your entire financial life solved.


Our technology customizes your timeline to fit your life based on how much you make and how much you spend. Using your current resources, we provide a financial plan to achieve each and every goal.


No need to set an appointment, schedule a phone call or wait several days for a financial plan. Our technology never sleeps. Get real-time solutions at your convenience with RoboPlanner®.


As your life changes, so does RoboPlanner®. Need to add a goal? Move up that home purchase? Go ahead! Our technology is constantly calculating the best path forward based on your resources.


Our technology provides the advice you need to take action and stay on track. RoboPlanner® lets you know: how much to set aside, where to get it, where to put it, and provides the actual date it will be accomplished.

Do Millennials Have a Plan?

Almost half of Millennials say their biggest challenge is managing multiple goals and needs at the same time. Here’s how the working people of this generation are doing…

of Millennials say they have financial goals
Average debt balance of Millennials
of Millennials do not have a financial plan


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  • iQuantifi is like having a financial version of Watson at your disposal to tackle all your tough financial questions.”

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  • The platform, which addresses long-range goals and current cash flow, is…user-friendly on any device.”

    Credit Union National Association
  • iQuantifi is one of the first virtual advisers providing financial planning services…”

    Financial Times

RoboPlanner® powered by iQuantifi

"If you don't take's just a plan!"

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We understand that security and privacy are important to you and we take both very seriously. RoboPlanner® employs industry standard data security protocols to ensure your information is protected.
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